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Be it muddy, rocky or sandy terrains – earthmover tyres are meant to get you through all the conditions. At Oceanic Direct, we source earthmoving tyres from world-known brands, many sizes and tread patterns, and construction types.

Our earthmover tyres are ideally suited for wheeled loaders, dumpers, scrapers, dozers, graders and other industrial vehicles. These tyres can withstand extreme conditions such as landslides and floods whilst offering the best performance.

If you have been looking to explore earthmoving tyres from leading brands all in one place in Australia, look no further than Oceanic Direct.

Different Types of Earthmoving Tyres

Before choosing the perfect earthmoving tyres, it is important to know the different types of tyres available. The construction of the earthmover tyres highly matters to improve tyre life and reduce operational costs. We include a range of tyres, including radial, bias and solid (resilient), all of which offers specific benefits for different application.

Radial Tyres – These tyres are designed with transverse radial plies that run perpendicular to the direction of travel which assures less heat buildup and a smoother ride. Lower fuel consumption is also one of the prominent features of radial tyres.

Bias Tyres – Bias tyres offer high vehicle stability and work great on rough surfaces while providing comfort for the operator. These tyres are specially designed for machinery in ports and terminals.

Solid Tyres – These tyres are not filled with air which means they are resistant to puncture damage. Solid tyres are generally used in companies that operate on solid stand and concrete surfaces. Low maintenance, lower chances of blowouts and stability are some of the features of solid tyres.

We have a variety of earthmoving tyres to choose from – if you are unsure which earthmover tyre suits you the best, reach out to us today, and we will help you decide.

Are you not looking for earthmoving tyres? We also have a selection of tyres for ATVs, quad bikes, dirt bikes, trucks and trailers, and farming. Send us your enquiry regarding any tyre needs, and we will get back to you with further information.

Our List Of Earthmover Tyres

No matter what earthmoving vehicle you use, the right tyres are what you need to maximise the value of your investment. It is crucial to buy earthmover tyres of the right size not just to minimise downtime but also to enhance efficiency and site safety.

By looking at the number on the tyre sidewall you can gauge their size – this is usually three sets of numbers representing the width, construction, and wheel diameter, respectively.

Check out our list of earthmover tyres and pick the right one for you. Not able to determine the size? Contact us, and we will help you get the right-sized earthmover tyres for your vehicle.


  • Tubed Type
  • Bias (Hwy and Lug)
  • various load index, speed rating and patterns (Creep data available on most lines)
  • 10.00×20 – 11.00×20 – 12.00×20 -14.00×20
  • Radial (Steer, Drive and Multi Position)
  • Various load index and speed rating and patterns
  • 10.00R20 – 11.00R20 – 12.00R20 – 14.00R2 14.00R25 – 16.00R25 – 17.5R25 – 20.5R25
  • 385/95R25 – 445/95R25 – 525/80R25

  • Bias (Hwy and Lug)
  • Various load index, speed rating and patterns
  • 13.00×24 – 14.00×24 – 15.5×25 – 17.5×25 – 20.5×25 – 23.5×25 – 26.5×25 – 29.5×25 – -more sizes available
  • Tubeless Type
  • 14.00R24 – 15.5R25 – 17.5R25 – 20.5R25 – 23.5R25 – 26.5R25 – 29.5R25 – 29.5R29 – 35/65R33 – 24.00R35 – more sizes available

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Leading Tyre Manufacturing Brands We Work With

Oceanic Direct sources the largest range of earthmoving tyres in Australia from leading brands such as Aeolus, Windpower, Bridgestone, Continental and Advance. All of these earthmoving tyres are available for purchase and delivery. Our transport logistics are offered Australia wide, and we are happy to deliver the tyres right at your place.

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