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If you look for 4WD tyres online in Australia, we believe there will be an overwhelming list of brands. Though it does not cost you to inquire which type of tyre would be best suited for you, it sure can take a lot of time, brushing your inner analyst on all given brands. Instead of you searching for a needle in a haystack, Oceanic Direct brings a variety of tyre brands from top manufacturers in the market in one place.

Travelling is a leisure adventure and a family affair in Australia, and with the right resources, travelling can be amusing no matter the road or weather. Whether you frequently travel to the countryside or enjoy off-road adventures, we offer tyres for every ground condition. 4WD tyres radically differ from motorbike tyres as they have a large surface area and require high traction. For high-quality grip and solid all-terrain performance, Oceanic Direct has a range of all-terrain 4WD tyres for sale.

Every person in the driving seat knows the value of robust footing and braking performance across any terrain. If you need 4×4 tyres for paved highways, rugged nature trails, or anything in between, get in contact with Oceanic Direct today. Our tyre services are online 24/7, and you can rely on our fast logistic services anywhere across Australia.

4WD Tyres for Different Terrain

4×4 tyres are manufactured for various terrains like paved highways and bumpy roads. Tyres are directly involved in how your vehicle performs on a given road condition, and every terrain throws a unique requirement. Here is a list of different 4WD tyres for different terrains that you can buy online.

Highway Terrain Tyres: You can buy highway terrain tyres for your 4WD if you ride mostly on paved highways. Though these tyres are designed to do time on smooth silky roads, they are suitable for limited off-road activity. It is good to avoid covering rugged grounds regularly. Highway terrain tyres have similar tread patterns to passenger cars and prefer gravelled pitch to dirt and loosely packed mud. These tyres have less space between tread blocks and more siping for better traction on smooth roads. Thus, it is ideal for good comfort on paved roads and produces minimal noise. The sidewalls are weak and unsuitable for rugged surfaces, which is the main flaw of these tyres.

Mud Terrain Tyres: Mud terrain tyres have a blocky tread pattern and good space between tread blocks so they can find grip on loose sands and muddy grounds. They have strong sidewall protection for higher resistance to punctures and potentially piercing surfaces. The widely spaced tread blocks and thicker construction of Mud terrain tyres can lead to more road noise but makes them immune to impact damage.

All-Terrain Tyres: If you are looking for 4WD tyres for both on and off-road travels, you are looking for all-terrain tyres. These tyres have an aggressive tread pattern than highway tyres and generally thin construction than mud-terrain tyres. All-terrain tyres have a deep tread pattern to balance and grip on sealed roads and rugged trails, among various surfaces.

Patterns of 4WD Tyres

4WD tyres are designed with different tread patterns to maximise traction on various surfaces.

Closed Tread Pattern: In a closed tread pattern, tyres have less space between tread blocks and more siping in the tread area. They have small shoulder and has thin all-round construction. This tread pattern is used in highway terrain tyres, and most 4WD tyres have this tread pattern, making it perfect for sealed or gravelled roads.

Open Tread Pattern: Open tread pattern means larger space between tread blocks than a closed tread pattern. It provides a solid grip on muddy conditions. Tyres with open tread patterns have bulky shoulders and thicker all-round construction, suitable for hard surfaces like hill or mountain trails. The open tread pattern is found in mud-terrain tyres.

In addition to 4WD tyres, Oceanic Direct also supplies Quad bike tyres, dirt bike tyres, ATV tyres, and heavy transport tyres.

Our List of 4WD Tyres

Oceanic Direct sources high quality and durable tyres for almost every vehicle. Tyres can differ based on construction, materials, and size. It is necessary to decide on the purpose of your tyre before buying 4WD tyres for your vehicle.

There are various shapes of 4WD tyres depending on their height, width, and diameter. Get in touch with us, and we can help you decide which type of tyre you need to cover your travel needs to ensure a safe time on the road.


  • Various load index and speed rated.
  • Tubed Type
  • Various load index, speed rating and patterns (Creep data available on most lines).
  • 6.50×16 – 7.00×16 – 750×16 – 8.25×16
  • 7.00×20 – 8.25×20 – 9.00×20 – 10.00×20 – 11.00×20 – 12.00×20 -14.00×20

  • Various load index and speed rated
  • Tubed Type
  • 7.50R15 – 8.25R15
  • 6.50R16 – 7.00R16 – 7.50R16 – 8.25R16
  • 7.50R18
  • 7.00R20 – 7.50R20 – 8.25R20 – 9.00R20 – 10.00R20 – 11.00R20 – 12.00R20 – 14.00R20
  • 205/75R17.5 – 215/75R17.5 – 235/75R17.5 – 245/70R17.5 – 8.5R17.5 – 9.5R17.5 – 225/70R17.5
  • 225/70R19.5 – 245/70R19.5 – 265/70R19.5 – 305/70R19.5
  • 255/70R22.5 – 275/70R22.5 – 275/80R22.5 – 285/70R22.5 – 305/70R22.5 – 315/70R22.5
  • 9R22.5 – 10R22.5 – 11R22.5 – – 295/60R22.5 – 295/80R22.5 – 315/80R22.5 –
    385/65R22.5 – 425/65R22.5 – 445/65R22.5

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Leading Tyre Manufacturing Brands We Work With

We believe every tyre manufacturer has a unique quality to offer their customers. Keeping in mind the dynamic needs of our beloved customers, Oceanic Direct sources its commodity from various tyre manufacturers from around like Falken, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Windforce, Hankook, Zeta, BFG, Triangle, Maxxis, and plenty others. Our haulage services reach the farthest outskirts of Australia. We will be delighted to be of your service!

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