Super Single Conversions for Isuzu Truck and Bus

Oceanic Direct can provide you with the ideal bus and truck super single conversions for your particular application needs, regardless of size, style, or purpose. Simply get in contact with experts at Oceanic, and our team will be able to assist you in selecting the perfect option for you.

Finding the right super single conversion for your vehicle is crucial to your safety. So, before converting from duals to singles, you need to ensure you are in line with the local road laws that apply to changing from dual to single applications; we also offer the appropriate load rated tyres for these modifications.

We have a range of options in 17”, 19.5” and 22.5” diameter wheels and rims that were designed and built exclusively for the purpose of moving from dual to super single. At Oceanic Direct, we also have available ‘off the shelf’ options, and we specialise in creating custom made to order wheels and rims, so that you can ensure you have the perfect wheels and rims for your vehicle safety, specific use and for aesthetic appearance.

We believe in providing only the best ranges of tyres, rims and equipment to our clients. So we have everything you could possibly need to convert your dual wheels Isuzu Bus and Truck, into a super single converted Isuzu vehicle. The wheels are designed and purpose built for Isuzu Buses and Trucks, allowing them to be utilised effectively on the road as well as off-road situations. The front and rear wheels track in the same direction, making driving on road easier and safer. In regard to the other two sizes, a greater rolling diameter increases fuel economy, engine noise reduction, and approach, departure, and ramp over angle.

The Isuzu wheels / rims when mounted face-out or reversed, feature two valve holes wherein the fitted wheels have two valve stems that provide the vehicle simple access to check tyre pressures. Rims are made to compliment your vehicle and are vehicle specific. The standard colours are White, Black or Silver powder coat; however different colours can be requested.

Benefits of Isuzu Truck and Isuzu Bus Super Singles

  • Increases your rims’ load capacity.
  • Improved tyre life cycle and durability.
  • The increased diameter of the wheels means improved fuel economy.
  • Off-road, on-road, mud, sand, and corrugation driving experience is highly improved.
  • Tubeless tyres and rims improve the effective resiliency on bumpy roads.

What to Keep in Mind When Ordering?

  • The specificities such as model and year of your vehicle.
  • Basic sizes of the tyres in the present scenario.
  • Current wheel specifications.
  • Download the measuring wheel PDF below, and keep the information recorded as illustrated.

Information Required To Order

Make, Model and Year of your vehicle.
The current tyre size.
The current wheel specifications.
Simply download the measuring wheel PDF here and record the information as illustrated.


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We offer a wide range of 4WD, truck and trailer tyres from leading trye manufacturing brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Windforce, Triangle, Carlisle, Maxxis among others. All of these truck and trailer tyres are available for purchase and delivery. Our transport logistics are offered Australia wide and we are happy to deliver the tyres right at your place.

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