Bias (Rag) and Radial Agricultural Tyres

Whether dry or wet farming, the right agricultural tyres can get through all the conditions. At Oceanic Direct, we have a range of heavy-duty tyres to fulfil your agricultural needs.

We deliver the best agricultural tyres to our customers for tractors, harvesters, trailers and implements. You can always trust our agriculture tyres to get your work done. We source agriculture tyres from multiple leading brands varying in size, tread patterns and application. Oceanic Direct offers the one-stop solution for agricultural and agro-industrial tyres.

If you have been looking for a supplier offering the best agricultural tyres in  Australia, look no further than Oceanic Direct.

Different Types of Agricultural Tyres

Tyres designed for agricultural use are designed for specific terrains and applications, and the tyre should match the intended application.

R1 Tyres – If you are looking for tyres for dry farming, look for R1 tyres. Suitable for muddy or soft terrain, these tyres perform like a charm in agriculture. There are two subcategories of tread on R1 agricultural tyres, IF (Increased Flexion) and VF (Very High Flexion).

R2 Tyres – These tyres are specially designed for flooded farming. The tread of the tyres is deeper than that of R1 tyres. These tyres are used for rice and cane plantation.

R3 Tyres – R3 are mostly used in lawns and gardens; they have shallow treads to avoid damage to the lawn. They have smooth tracks and cannot be used in muddy conditions, but R3 tyres are the best choice for mowing.

We have many agricultural tyres to choose from – whether it is the R1, R2, or R3 series from the top brands in Australia. If you are not sure which agricultural tyres are best for you? Reach out to us today, and we will help you decide.

Is it not the agricultural tyres that you need? We also source a selection of tyres, including ATV Tyres, earthmovers tyres, quad bike tyres, dirt bike tyres, truck and trailer tyres, and crane and OTR tyres. Send us your enquiry regarding any tyre needs, and we will get back to you with further information.

Our List of Agricultural Tyres

Knowing the right size and type of agricultural tyres is important to ensure durability, reliability and productivity.

Agricultural tyres come in different sizes, and it’s determined by 3 sets of numbers representing the tyre’s width, the tyre’s internal structure, and rim diameter, respectively.

At Oceanic Direct, we offer a wide range of agricultural tyres. Find your tyre size from the list below or contact us. We will help you get the right-sized agricultural tyres for your tractor, implements and trailers.


  • Tubed Type
  • Bias (Hwy and Lug)
  • various load index, speed rating and patterns (Creep data available on most lines)
  • 10.00×20 – 11.00×20 – 12.00×20 -14.00×20
  • Radial (Steer, Drive and Multi Position)
  • Various load index and speed rating and patterns
  • 10.00R20 – 11.00R20 – 12.00R20 – 14.00R2 14.00R25 – 16.00R25 – 17.5R25 – 20.5R25
  • 385/95R25 – 445/95R25 – 525/80R25

  • Bias (Hwy and Lug)
  • Various load index, speed rating and patterns
  • 13.00×24 – 14.00×24 – 15.5×25 – 17.5×25 – 20.5×25 – 23.5×25 – 26.5×25 – 29.5×25 – -more sizes available
  • Tubeless Type
  • 14.00R24 – 15.5R25 – 17.5R25 – 20.5R25 – 23.5R25 – 26.5R25 – 29.5R25 – 29.5R29 – 35/65R33 – 24.00R35 – more sizes available

Frequently Asked Question

Agricultural tyres are specially designed for rough terrains like wet & dry soil, on & off-road. These tyres are resistant to punctures and irregular wear and are used in tractors, trailers and implements.
An essential thing to consider when choosing agricultural tyres is the application. Once you know the intention, you can play around with designs, brands and qualities. If you have difficulty selecting agricultural tyres, you can always ask for our expert help.
The agricultural tyres usually require replacement in about ten years, regardless of their condition. However, the life of the tyres depends on the quality and hours of use, so make sure you check the condition of the tyres regularly.
Prices of agricultural tyres varies based on the brand and quality of the tyres. Get in touch with us to enquire the cost of the tyres you are looking for.
Agricultural tyres are more durable than passenger tyres and are made for harsh conditions. These tyres offer soil protection, flexibility, heavy load carrying and greater productivity.
Many brands manufacture sturdy agricultural tyres, including Mitas, Michelin, Firestone, Alliance, BKT, and Ceat. At Oceanic Direct, we source agricultural tyres from all leading brands in Australia. Get in touch with us to find the finest tyres for your tractor or implements.
We at Oceanic Direct offer quality agricultural tyres and other products to our buyers at a competitive price. We have provided high-quality products and services to our customers for more than 30 years as a tyre importer, wholesaler, and retailer. Customer satisfaction is always on top of our priority list.
To order an agricultural tyre from Oceanic Direct, contact us via enquiry form, and we will get back to you. Check out the important information to make your purchase easy with us.
Location is required to source the best transport delivery service direct to you, reliable, safe and capable companies

Leading Tyre Manufacturing Brands We Work With

We offer a wide array of agricultural tyres from leading tyre manufacturing brands in Australia like Mitas, Starmaxx, Michelin, Firestone, Alliance, BKT, and Ceat. All of these agricultural tyres are available for purchase and delivery Australia wide.

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