Bus, Truck, Crane Custom & Super Single Conversions

Conversion tubed type to tubeless wheels and rims
Are you finding it difficult to find tyres like 7.50R18 for your fully imported Hino Rainbow, Mitsubishi Fuso Aero or Nissan N40 bus converted to a motorhome? Let us at Oceanic Direct offer some solutions for you. We have available a conversion wheel and tyre options which will mean your motorhome continues to roll along the highway for many more years. We may be able to offer an ‘off the shelf’ or we specialise in ‘custom made to order’ wheels and rims – offering the wheels and rims that not only improves performance of your vehicle but also gives your vehicle a cool look.

Dual to super single wheels and rims
Do you have a 4WD Truck, Bus or Trailer and looking for a wider footprint on the ground? We have a range of options for you to choose from in 19.5” and 22.5” diameter wheels and rims, Note: we do not make 17″ x 9″ wheels or 19.5″ 5 stud wheels. By removing the rear dual wheels and replacing them with a wide single ‘Super Single’ and using the same wheel that can be reversible for use on the front or rear axle, we set the offset so the wheels or rims have the same outside line, this means they both stick out the same distance front and back.

Regardless of what size, style and purpose you are interested in, Oceanic Direct can help you with the best Bus, Motorhomes & Super Single Conversions for your special application needs. Simply get in touch with us and our experts will help you choose the best option or custom wheel to improve the looks of your vehicle and to enhance the better driving experience. Please check your local road laws for changing form duals to single applications, we also offer the correct load rated tyres for these conversions

Why Go Tubeless Wheels & Tyres?

Old tube type wheels and tyres, have 5 to 6 components: being the wheel, 1 or 2 locking rings, tyre, inner tube and rust flap, compared to too the tubeless type wheels and tyres, these have 3 components: the wheel, valve stem and tyre.

Tubeless wheels and tyres offer some big advantages over their tubed counterparts. They reduce weight, run cooler, and can be made in a wide range of sizes: 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inch diameter and 6.00, 6.75, 7.50, 8.25, 9.00, 11.75 and 14.00 inch width wheels. The tubeless tyres have various widths and profiles available to suit the tubeless wheels in many sizes and pattern for different applications. They can also handle punctures better, for example when a tubed tyre takes a nail or object breaking the inner tube at 90km/h , the tube can deflate instantly collapsing the tyre with it. This can cause the vehicle to become unstable on the road and yes you have to stop and change it straight away. A tubeless version is visually noticeable that the tyre is lower than normal on pressure, hence on most cases you can get to a repair shop.

Conversion from narrow dual wheels to wide single (super) wheels.

We have numerous option available to ‘go wider’ with our custom made to order steel wheels. When running single front and dual rear wheels and tyres is that the rear tyres don’t follow in the front tyre tracks, by converting to wide super singles on the front and rear we set the offset so they have the same outside line, which means they track the same line on the ground and the vehicle has more overall stability.
Converting to wide super singles is a common practice in Australia now on 4wd trucks that work in harsh uneven terrain and
the off road enthusiasts. We also provide dual to single wheel applications for plant and equipment trailers.

Information Required To Order

Make, Model and Year of your vehicle
The current tyre size
The current wheel specifications
Simply download the measuring wheel PDF here and record the information as illustrated.


Leading Tyre Manufacturing Brands We Work With

We offer a wide range of 4WD, truck and trailer tyres from leading trye manufacturing brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Windforce, Triangle, Carlisle, Maxxis among others. All of these truck and trailer tyres are available for purchase and delivery. Our transport logistics are offered Australia wide and we are happy to deliver the tyres right at your place.

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