OTR Tyres For Crane, Earthmover, Agricultural and Forestry

Whether you have a small earthmover or a large crane, all heavy equipment vehicles cannot operate without good quality tyres. You will need to make sure your equipment vehicle is fitted with the right tyre to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

At Oceanic, you can find OTR tyres from world-known brands. Whether you need OTR tyres of different sizes, patterns, loads, or construction types, we have you covered.

We stock and supply a variety of OTR tyres for vehicles used in construction, mining, road-building, quarrying, farming, forestry, and agricultural industries. With over 30 years of industry experience, we are committed to providing Australia’s best quality off-the-road (OTR) tyres.

The OTR tyres are manufactured to endure tough, bumpy and uneven terrain and feature strong sidewalls that protect the tyres from punctures, cuts, and cracks; hence buying OTR tyres certainly are not cheap and sometimes can get confusing and stressful. But don’t worry, our experts will help you find the most suitable product at the most affordable rate.

Benefit of our OTR tyres

OTR tyres are specially designed for rough terrains and to carry heavy loads. They are the best choice if you need tyres that can withstand extreme conditions such as high speed, shock, heat and cold.

Our selection of OTR and crane tyres offer many benefits, including:

  • Longevity of the tyre
  • Sturdiness
  • Superior grip
  • High Hours
  • Superior traction and handling

Wide Range of Bias and Radial OTR Tyres

From radial to bias, Oceanic offers different OTR tyres all in one place. Our Mobile & High-Speed OTR tyres range covers most sizes and applications required in Australia. We offer leading brands like Michelin, Aeolus and Bridgestone along with many value brands to help trim your operating costs whilst not reducing quality or performance. We also have creep data available for tyre fitments on Franna.

Have a look at the gallery below and get in touch with us if you need any further assistance selecting the right OTR tyres for your equipment vehicle.

Our List Of OTR Tyres


  • Tubed Type
  • Bias (Hwy and Lug)
  • various load index, speed rating and patterns (Creep data available on most lines)
  • 10.00×20 – 11.00×20 – 12.00×20 -14.00×20
  • Radial (Steer, Drive and Multi Position)
  • Various load index and speed rating and patterns
  • 10.00R20 – 11.00R20 – 12.00R20 – 14.00R2 14.00R25 – 16.00R25 – 17.5R25 – 20.5R25
  • 385/95R25 – 445/95R25 – 525/80R25

  • Bias (Hwy and Lug)
  • Various load index, speed rating and patterns
  • 13.00×24 – 14.00×24 – 15.5×25 – 17.5×25 – 20.5×25 – 23.5×25 – 26.5×25 – 29.5×25 – -more sizes available
  • Tubeless Type
  • 14.00R24 – 15.5R25 – 17.5R25 – 20.5R25 – 23.5R25 – 26.5R25 – 29.5R25 – 29.5R29 – 35/65R33 – 24.00R35 – more sizes available

Frequently Asked Question

OTR (off the road) is a collective name given to tyres used on large vehicles in construction, road-building and mining industries. These tyres have a high load-carrying capacity and are designed for rough terrains. They can withstand extreme temperature, moisture, dust, high speed, and shock loads.
Yes, you can purchase OTR tyres online from us. Choose your preferred brand, model and size and place your order online or call us at +61-0417 048 377. Our customer support team is always happy to assist you with any queries.

We offer a wide range of sizes for every vehicle type, ranging from 15 inches to 40 inches wide. In fact, we source almost every size for every vehicle type.

Our OTR tyre inventory includes sizes for crane, earthmoving, light trucks, heavy trucks, vans and SUVs.

Bias tyre is made by crisscrossing nylon cord piles at a 30–40-degree angle to the thread centre line. In contrast, radial tyres are constructed with perpendicular polyester piles and crisscrossing belts underneath the cred, increasing structural integrity.

Bias tyres are tough and rugged and better resist sidewall cuts and punctures, making them better at handling damage from rocks and stumps and handling heavy loads. It also offers better stability on hilly terrain. They are great for a construction zone, mining, road-building industries, and farms.

On the other hand, radials can give a smooth ride and won't wear as fast; extending the tyre's life. Its footprints are not as long as a bias tyre but are wider, offering more grip at a sharper angle when taking bends. They even have better heat resistance making them perfect for travel trailers or anytime you are towing for the long haul.

We have over 30+ OTR tyre brands available, each retaining its own unique characteristics and qualities. Our sourced tyre brands are made to international tyre manufacturing standards. Among the brands we source are Bridgestone, Aeolus, Michelin, BKT, CEAT, Nokion, Otani and many more.
Yes, we are committed to providing quality products from different brands at affordable prices. All of our OTR tyres are priced according to their performance and features.

Leading Tyre Manufacturing Brands We Work With

We offer a wide range of crane tyres from leading tyre manufacturing brands like Tyre advance, BKT, West lake, Wind power, Bridgestone, Michelin among others. All of these crane tyres are available for purchase and delivery. Our transport logistics are offered Australia wide, and we are happy to deliver the tyres right at your place.

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