Brisbane Truck Show 16-19 MAY 2019, Oceanic Direct will see you there.
15-05-2019 : By Oceanic Direct

Oceanic Direct P/L will be visiting the Brisbane Truck show during the 16th to 19th May 2019 If you wish…

Bus, Motorhome and Super single conversions page
15-05-2019 : By Oceanic Direct

Oceanic Direct has today expanded its website launching an all new Product Category called, Bus, Motorhome and Super single conversions.…

Understanding Wheel Terms
16-03-2019 : By Oceanic Direct

The terms Rim, Disc and Wheel are often confused in daily life. In order to omit confusion it is important…

Tube-Type (TT) VS Tubeless (TL) Tyres
08-02-2019 : By Oceanic Direct

Pneumatic tyres come in two main types: Tube-Type (TT) and Tubeless (TL). Because tyre rubber is naturally porous, an extra…

Made to Order Steel Wheels for Trucks, Industrial and Plant and Equipment
19-01-2019 : By Oceanic Direct

With Many years of experience in the wheel and tyer industry, I’ve been able to assist many customers small and…

Elmore Field Days
25-09-2018 : By Oceanic Direct

Yes Oceanic Direct will be exhibiting at Elmore (2nd, 3rd & 4th October 2018 - Elmore Field Days) located at…

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