How to know if your ATV needs a new pair of tyres?
08-01-2022 : By Oceanic Direct

Oceanic Direct has a wide range of ATV tyres for sale and are widely known for their high performance and…

Is There An Actual Difference Between Quad Bike & ATV Tyres?
04-01-2022 : By Oceanic Direct

A wheeled vehicle that travels on low-pressure tyres, with a seat straddled by the operator and handlebars for steering, is…

Dual Wheels Or Wide-Base Singles – Which Is The Better Option For Your Truck?
05-12-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

Your vehicle's tyres are one of its most important safety components. They are directly responsible for the acceleration, torque, and…

Retread Tyres V New Tyres – Which Is The Right Choice?
31-08-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

The ability to replace rim tread using advanced manufacturing methods makes ATV tyres, dirt bike tyres, and quad bike tyres…

Professional Guide To Prepare Your Fleet’s Tyre For Yet Another Summer
16-08-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

The Australian summer is known to be very harsh, not just for us but for our vehicles too. Most vehicle…

Do Truck Tyres Have An Expiration Date?
30-07-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

Tyres are one of the essential components of a truck. As a result, they have a significant impact on the…

Why Do The Tread Patterns On Your ATV Tyres Matter?
17-07-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

You might be wondering why ATV tread patterns are so important? Well, the tread is the only part of the…

Off-road Or On-road. What’s The Best Application For Quad Bike Tyres?
30-06-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

Quad Bikes are also often known as All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). A vehicle that runs on low-pressure tyres with handlebars for…

Reflecting On The Brisbane Truck Show
16-06-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

The Brisbane Truck Show focuses on all things related to transport and logistics; perfect for Oceanic Direct. From the 13th…

How Has Supply Chain Disruptions And Delayed Imports, Impacted The Quality Of Truck Tyres In Australia?
31-05-2021 : By Oceanic Direct

Since the pandemic began, we have all gone through a lot – every aspect of our lives have been affected,…

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