Turf & Dirt Bike Tyres

Dirt bikes are ideal for conquering the hardest terrains one can think to ride on. Name it, dirt, mud, or rocks; dirt bikes can take you places where other motorbikes do not. These bikes feature a single-cylinder with two-stroke or four-stroke engines and offer robust suspension and rugged tires to handle cross-country riding.

Whether you are a weekend rider or a Motocross rider, keeping the health of your dirt bike tyres in check should be a priority. Since bike tyres are in constant contact with the ground you ride on, it stands to reason that their condition impacts your performance.

If you wish to outperform your competition or improve your off-road riding skills, Oceanic Direct can help you with a wide range of dirt bike tyres. Oceanic Direct manufactures high-quality dirt bike tyres suitable for different grounds so you can embark on your ultimate off-road adventure in any weather condition you like.

Dirt Bike Tyres for Different Terrains

Dirt bikes are generally for nature trail enthusiasts, meaning different tracks require different types of tyres. Therefore, dirt bike tyres are constructed differently to ensure sufficient air pressure is created between the surface of the tire and the road’s surface. For optimal handling and speed, each track demands a unique tyre.

Soft terrain tyres: As the name suggests, soft terrain tyres are designed for soft train riding. They have wide spaced knobs for maximum traction in soft terrains like sand and muddy roads. Wide-spaced knobs make it easy to scoop mud or sand, so you can ride faster while handling your ride easier.

Intermediate terrain tyres: These tyres are ideal for Motocross riding on finely groomed grounds that are not tightly packed. Motocross tracks are properly groomed and watered to prevent sand from drying, and intermediate terrain dirt bike tyre is just about perfect on such surfaces.

Hard terrain tyres: If you ride on hard rocky surfaces, soft and intermediate terrain tyres will hardly get the job done. Hard terrain tyres are sturdy and are made from durable compounds to withstand tough ground filled with jagged rocks, mostly hills or mountains trails.

If you have decided on the purpose of your tyres – on what surface conditions you ride, get professional help on which tyres you need for your rides with Oceanic Direct. To find out about different kinds of Oceanic Direct dirt bike tyres, leave us a message, and we will be with you soon!

Patterns of Dirt Bike Tyres

Uniform tread pattern: Dirt bike tyres with uniform tread patterns provide the most traction on both hard and smooth surfaces. Single riding track and hill trails where riders often jump across obstacles demand uniform tread pattern tyres. The flat crown section and the sidewalls of these tires are made of soft rubber compounds, which give them a large contact area and flex to create excellent traction on slippery surfaces.

Widely spaced tread pattern: Dirt bike tyres with widely spaced tread patterns are mostly used across soft terrain trails. Lugs are aggressively distributed across the tyre’s surface in a widely spaced tread pattern. These tyres are made of hard rubber compounds in this case. In soft terrains like sand, loose gravel, or loam, hard tyre material makes it is easy to maintain the shape of the tread as the tyre moves deeper into soft terrain. That makes it easy to scoop the soil and propel forward without compromising on grip and avoid sliding.

Tightly spaced tread pattern: Dirt bike tyres with tightly spaced tread patterns are ideal for hard terrains. A tightly spaced tread section has knobs with a bigger surface area than other tread patterns. They are used for better traction and firm grip on hard surfaces like packed soil and rocky surfaces. Unlike widely spaced tread patterns, tyres with tightly spaced tread patterns are made up of soft rubber compounds to ensure the tread area does not remain stiff as you ride across a hard surface.

Oceanic Direct can help you with any tyre needs based on your riding requirements. You can also purchase dirt bike tyres online using our website. From dirt bike tyres to ATV tyres and 4×4 tyres, Oceanic Direct supplies every tyre need of Australia.

Our List of Dirt Bike Tyres

There is an overwhelming list of dirt bike tyres in the Australian dirt bike tyre market. Choosing a technically perfect tyre for your ride can be a daunting job based on tread patterns, the purpose of tyres, and sizes. Oceanic Direct makes it pretty easy for you.

Tyres directly determine your ride’s speed, handling, and gripping, no matter the surface. So, choosing the right tyre for your ride is crucial to making the most of your dirt bike adventure. The following list of dirt bike tyres can be your partner for the next time you hit the trail.


        • 12″ TO 17″ BIAS

        • 90/100-12
        • 80/100-12
        • 60/100-14
        • 90/100-14
        • 90/100-16
        • 130/90-16
        • 90/90-17
        • 2.75-17
        • 3.00-17
        • 3.50-17
        • 4.60-17
        • 18″ TO 21″ BIAS

        • 3.50-18
        • 100/90-18
        • 100/100-18
        • 4.10-18
        • 4.60-18
        • 130/80-18
        • 2.75-19
        • 3.00-19
        • 100/90-19
        • 110/90-19
        • 80/100-21
        • 90/90-21
        • 2.75-21
        • 3.00-21



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Oceanic Directs sources a wide range of dirt bike tyres from top tyre manufacturers like BKT, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Bushmate, Windforce, Carlisle, Triangle, Maxxis, among others. All these dirt bike tyres are available for purchase at a single supplier. Our logistics services run Australia-wide, ensuring you get your tyre at your destination.

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