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Whether your conditions are sandy, bushy, or muddy, an ATV can get you through anything. Quality ATV tyres are integral to the longevity and performance of an ATV. Oceanic Direct is Australia’s leading supplier of ATV tyres.

At Oceanic Direct, we access Australia’s largest range of ATV tyres. Regardless of the type of ATV you own, we have got you covered. Our ATV tyres are high quality, durable, affordable and offer the utmost comfort and safety. We offer a versatile range of sizes, tread patterns, ply ratings and the best performance for the toughest conditions.

If you have been looking for the best place to buy ATV tyres online in Australia, look no further than Oceanic Direct for all your ATV needs.

ATV Tyres for Different Terrains

Every ATV tyre has a specific tread pattern designed for a range of different terrains and should be chosen based on the type you plan to encounter.

Mud: ATV mud tyres have aggressive tread patterns that are made to disperse the mud and dirt. These tyres are made from stiff rubber.

All-terrain: All-terrain tyres are built tougher and with an open tread pattern. These types of tyres are best-suited for several trails including rock, gravel, mud, sand and snow.

We have many ATV tyres to choose from. Whether it’s mud, sand or all-terrain, we offer the best brands in Australia. If you are not sure of which ATV tyre will suit your needs, reach out to us today and we will help you make the right decision.

Patterns of ATV Tyres


Directional tread pattern: ATV tyres with directional tread patterns are suitable for a different range of conditions and applications. The tread pattern is designed with widely spaced lugs and is useful for shedding away loose soil from the tyre without losing traction.

The tread pattern comes with a wrap-around design that minimises lateral slipping and offers forward traction on different driving surfaces. The “V” angled tread is designed with wide gaps between tread blocks and promotes cleaning action for better traction over rough terrain.

Non-directional tread pattern: These tread patterns provide more bite in loose terrain, which offers excellent handling and traction for a wide variety of conditions and applications. It also provides a smooth ride as the dimpled knob design also promotes exceptional traction.

Directional highway tread pattern: This tread pattern provides predictable traction on any hard terrain. Lightweight construction ensures maximum acceleration. Low rolling resistance, which turns horsepower into forward motion, offers comfort and stability at high speeds.

Along with the best quality ATV tyres, we also source a selection of quad bike tyres, dirt bike tyres, truck and trailer tyres, crane and OTR tyres as well as lawn and garden tyres. Feel free to put your enquiry forward and we’ll respond with the best solution.

Our List of ATV Tyres


Before buying ATV tyres, you need to know the right size that will fit your ATV. Get-ting the right tyre for your terrain will increase the ATV’s handling, cornering, braking and allow you to enjoy your ATV at full capacity.

ATV tyres come in different sizes and are determined by 3 sets of numbers repre-senting height, width and diameter.

At Oceanic Direct, we offer a wide range of bias and radial ATV tyres. Find your tyre size from the list below or contact us for more information. We will help you get the perfect sized tyres for your ATV without a hassle.


    • 6-7-8-9 Inch Bias

    • 145/70-6
    • 16X8.00-7
    • 18X9.50-8
    • 19X7.00-8
    • 19×8-8
    • 20X7.00-8
    • 22X11.00-8
    • 21×8.00-9
    • 22×10.00-9
    • 22×11.00-9
    • 22×12.50-9
    • 25×12.00-9
    • 25×13.00-9
    • RADIAL

    • 22×8.00R10
    • 25×8.00R12
    • 25×10.00R12
    • 25×11.00R12
    • 255/70R12
    • 26×8.00R12
    • 26×9.00R12
    • 26×10.00R12
    • 26×11.00R12
    • 26×11.00R14
    • 27×9.00R14
    • 27×11.00R14
    • 270/60R12
    • </li class=”des-sub-title”>
    • 12 ” BAIS

    • 20.5×8.00-12
    • 22×7.00-12
    • 23×10.50-12
    • 24×8.00-12
    • 24×9.50-12
    • 24×11.00-12
    • 24×13.00-12
    • 25×8.00-12
    • 25×9.00-12
    • 255/65-12
    • 25×10.00-12
    • 25×11.00-12
    • 26×8.00-12
    • 26×9.00-12
    • 26×10.00-12
    • 26×11.00-12
    • 26×12.00-12
    • 26.5×14.00-12
    • 27×9.00-12
    • 27×11.00-12
    • 10-11 Inch Bias

    • 20×10.00-10
    • 21×7.00-10
    • 22×7.00-10
    • 22×8.00-10
    • 22×9.50-10
    • 22×10.00-10
    • 22×11.00-10
    • 23×7.00-10
    • 23×10.00-10
    • 23×11.00-10
    • 24×9.50-10
    • 24×10.50-10
    • 24×11.00-10
    • 24×12.00-10
    • 25×11.00-10
    • 25×12.00-10
    • 22×7.00-11
    • 23×8.00-11
    • 24×8.00-11
    • 24×9.00-11
    • 24×10.00-11
    • 25×8.00-11
    • 25×10.00-11
    • 14″ BIAS

    • 25×8.50-14
    • 26×8.00-14
    • 26×9.00-14
    • 26×10.00-14
    • 26×11.00-14
    • 27×9-14
    • 27×11-14

Frequently Asked Question

ATV, UTV, Side by Side, Quad Bike Tyres are aggressive looking tyres that are meant for "off-road" purposes and many different terrains including mud, sand, bush and snow. The varying types of tread patterns of these tyres changed based on the terrain.
When choosing a tyre for your ATV, you should consider various factors like the size, tread pattern, tread depth and the tyre's brand. If you are having difficulty choosing the right tyre for your ATV, please get in touch via the contact form on our website.
ATV tyres can last between a year to 5 years; or a few hundred kilometres to 8000 kilometres. It all depends on the quality, the type of terrain you ride on and how of-ten you ride your ATV.
Tyre pressure of ATV tyres depends on the type of terrain and size of the tyre. However, the average tyre pressure for an average terrain ATV is between 4 to 8 pounds per square inch (PSI).
There are several leading brands like Journey, Duro, Maxxis, Kenda and Carlisle when it comes to ATV tyres. At Oceanic Direct, we have ATV tyres from all the lead-ing brands in Australia. Check out our products to find the most reliable ATV tyre for you.
We at Oceanic Direct offer a wide range of quality products and the utmost service to our customers. We have been in the tyre industry for more than 30 years as an importer, wholesaler and retailer. We are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices.
To order an ATV tyre from Oceanic Direct, contact us via the enquiry form and we will get back to you. You can view more information here to assist your purchase.

Leading Tyre Manufacturing Brands We Work With

We offer a wide range of ATV tyres from the world’s leading tyre manufacturing brands like Bushmate, BKT, Journey, Duro, Deli, Kenda, Carlisle, Maxxis amongst many others. All of these ATV tyres are available for purchase and delivery. We of-fer delivery Australia-wide to ensure your ATV tyres arrive at your preferred destination.

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