Essential Tyre Safety Checklist for Your Next Road Trip
08-06-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

With over 30-year experience as an importer, wholesaler, and retailer of wheels and tyres in Australia, we at Oceanic Direct…

Transport and Logistics – The Life Saver Australia Need Right Now
17-05-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

The coronavirus epidemic has created critical conditions for the transport industry. For the safety of their citizens, most countries have…

Buying Durable Tyres: The Direct Relationship Between Tyre Quality And Life
02-05-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

The tyre may seem simple, but it’s one of the most critical components of every vehicle. From providing traction, supporting…

There Are Still Industries Thriving During This Global Pandemic And That’s Why There Is Still A Need For Quality Products.
16-04-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

A lot has changed in the months since we have been hit with the coronavirus. The coronavirus outbreak is causing…

Agricultural Tyres – R1 Tractor & Implement – Why It is Important for Farming
01-04-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

If you’re looking at buying a tractor, ensuring you choose the right tyres you're your application is essential. If your…

Importance of Maintaining Dirt Bike Tyres and How They Can Last Longer With Care
06-03-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

“A little prevention is worth more than a cure”   “A little prevention is worth more than a cure”. This is…

Why Each OTR Vehicle Needs the Correct Tyre
27-02-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

Off-the-Road (OTR) vehicles can be driven on and off gravel or paved surfaces. They generally have large tyres with deep,…

Best Brands on the Market for ATV Tyres
13-02-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

When it comes to the best ATV tyres for your all-terrain vehicle, there are many factors to consider such as…

How to Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure for ATV, Quad & Dirt Bike Tyres
30-01-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

Achieving and maintaining the correct tyre pressure on your ATV, Quad & Dirt Bike will ensure the tyres wear evenly. Maintaining…

Guide for Selecting Best Rims For Your ATV, Quad, and Dirt Bike Tyres
16-01-2020 : By Oceanic Direct

A rim of any vehicle is the outer edge of a wheel that holds the tyre firmly in place so…

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