Tyres are one of the essential components of a truck. As a result, they have a significant impact on the way a truck performs. A well-maintained tyre can improve the performance of your vehicle and fuel efficiency. In contrast, poor tyres which are under-inflated or not correctly aligned will drastically reduce the truck performance.

For every truck owner, one of the biggest concerns is the lifespan of the truck’s tyres. When truck tyres get damaged unexpectedly, they can be a nuisance and cost a truck owner a great deal of money.

So, is there an expiration date for a truck tyre that can help to prevent accidents?

Like many other products, truck tyres do expire at some point. After being used often, the tyre loses some of its strength and begins to deteriorate, reducing its lifespan. However, the tyre’s life depends on many factors, including the road’s surface, the type of tyre and the weight of the load it is carrying. Also, no two tyres are made the same; even the exact same model tyres will wear out differently depending on the various conditions they are exposed to.

You need to keep an eye on your truck tyres to ensure they are not expiring. Credit: Unsplash

Usually, the average tyre lasts about 40000 to 80000 kms, depending on the make and model. However, if you’re a truck driver, you probably know the feeling of your vehicle losing grip on the road and know the risk of skidding out of control if the tyres are too old. Perhaps you may notice your tyre is blowing out a little more than usual, or maybe you see your tread wear down a bit more. It’s a clear indication that your tyre has expired and needs to be replaced

However, even if you have not used the tyre much, the tyre’s rubber compound will start to break down over time. The flexible component starts to harden and become brittle due to the oxygen particles present in the air. You will begin to see small cracks inside the tread and sidewalls and some bumps on the sidewalls. All these symptoms could cause the tyre to explode, and if the tyres are over or under-inflated, misaligned or out of balance, it can accelerate the tyre expiration process.

Not just the less used tyres but even new tyres that have not touched the road will expire. You might think you purchased a new set of tyres, but it might have been sitting in the store for many years. According to US NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the shelf-life of truck tyres is around six years. British Tyre Manufacturers Association also suggests changing truck tyres if they are older than ten years.

So before you purchase truck tyres, you should always know the manufacturing date to prevent yourself from buying old tyres. Lastly, always choose a reputable tyre supplier like Oceanic Direct, who can provide you with the newest and highest-quality truck tyres on the market. If you are struggling to make a choice about what tyre to purchase, they will also provide you with a helpful guide on different tyres and the best option for your driving environment.

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