Truck Tyres

The tyre may seem simple, but it’s one of the most critical components of every vehicle. From providing traction, supporting load weight, absorbing shock, changing, or maintaining the direction of travel, it all depends on the tyre.

With the huge range of tyres available these days, choosing the right tyres has become more confusing. Often people go with a cheaper tyre that lasts a long time. But have you ever wondered if cheaper tyres are better valued for money compared to premium tyres? What factors determine the life of a tyre? Let’s find out.

Factors That Wear Your Tyres

Why do some tyres last for years while some wear out in months, wouldn’t it be good if all of them were just made equal? Well, if every tyre was made from the same high-quality material and processes, then it would definitely increase the price of tires and vehicles.

Some tyres wear out faster because of low-quality materials and design characteristics, while the life of the tyre also depends on driving style and terrains.  If you frequently drive on rough terrains or if you are a racer, the chances are high that your tyres wear out quicker than others.

Do you know a high-performance tyre doesn’t last long compared to regular tyre? High-performance tyres are made for better handling and grip, which is why they are made using soft rubber, and they wear down faster.

If you want your tyre to last longer, don’t forget to check air pressure regularly, tyre rotation and balancing. It will increase the life of your tyres by reducing the chance of irregular wear.

Premium Tyres Over Cheaper Options

Now the question is how to get a durable tyre? What should you choose price or quality? The simple answer to this question is if you have few extra bucks go with the high-quality premium tyre.

Most people often go with cheaper tyres for an easy fix, and we can’t argue that premium tyres do cost more and can be a bit too much for a tight financial situation.

However, if you consider the value for money in the long run, premium tyres are a far cheaper option with better safety and performance. Changing a tyre every six months or changing it just once every 4-5 years, what would you prefer? I think you can do the math and know what the smarter choice is.

It not about the price with a premium tyre, you get high durability, handling, performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency. There are lots of benefits that people fail to take into consideration when buying a tyre. So, it is essential not to compromise on quality for the price.

Top brands tyres are tested in many tough situations to ensure that only the highest quality product is manufactured. If you are looking for durable tyres, I strongly suggest you go with premium tyres as it’s worth the extra price.

You can contact one of the most reliable tyre suppliers in Australia, Oceanic Direct, for better suggestions. They will guide you through many different tyres and suggest you the best tyre that fits your need.

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