The ability to replace rim tread using advanced manufacturing methods makes ATV tyres, dirt bike tyres, and quad bike tyres a sustainable vehicle component. Australia’s tyre manufacturers operate and support tyre retreading businesses that use sophisticated tyre inspection and manufacturing technology along with high-quality control. Tyre tread is the consumable component of the tyre that gradually wears away due to road use, it is the only component of the type that has contact with the ground.

Tyre casings are less susceptible to wear during regular and proper travel, which means their potential life may be much greater than the tread. In addition to providing full economic benefits to the vehicle owner, replacing the tread ensures that tyres are not discarded prematurely and that the tyres can be utilised to their full potential.

In addition to the rise in running costs for ATVs and dirt vehicles, maintenance costs are also rising. As a result, it makes sense that customers would want to know how to save money. In this regard, customers often ask whether retreading their tyres is more economical than purchasing new tyres, or even which brand will last the longest.

To help, if you find yourself in a similar situation, we have put together some of the most common benefits we have discovered from retreading tyres vs purchasing new tyres:

Benefits Of Retreading Tyres

Retreading your tyres is an option for some owners to choose when looking to replace their tyres. Tyres that have been re-treaded are made from the original casing and have new tread rubber. Re-treaded tyres are held to the same standard as new tyres for tread depth, safety, etc., but they are less expensive because they reuse the casing. Choosing re-treaded tyres for your vehicle can reduce tyre costs significantly, resulting in greater profits.

Re-treaded tyres are more environmentally friendly than purchasing new ones, as retreads repurpose parts from the old tyre. With this technology, vehicle owners can help protect the environment in an industry that’s increasingly receptive to its impact on climate change.


There are many benefits of purchasing new tyres, and benefits for purchasing tyres that have been re-treaded. Credit: Unsplash


Benefits Of New Tyres

ATV tyres wear out over time, so replacing them with new tyres can be very beneficial. Purchasing new tyres means that the tyres have never been used before, so there is no possibility of a previous repair or quality issues remaining from their first lifespan. Several ATV owners claim that replacing worn-out tyres with new ones makes their bikes safer, increasing cushioning and performance.

A new tyre may also get marginally better gas mileage than previously driven tyres due to its new casing and support layers. The relationship between tyre inflation, tread depth, and fuel consumption cannot be overstated. The use of properly inflated tyres can help vehicle owners reduce their fuel expenditure.

Re-treaded tyres are considered as good as new ones, but this statement is only valid for commercial or heavy-duty tyres. Quad bikes tyres are different and are used differently. To satisfy customers, they should offer the best safety, stability, comfort, and grip. Bottom line: These are not new tyres, and like anything used, they are more likely to have issues. Another issue with retreading tyres is inconsistent tread patterns. Many users complain about wheel balancing and alignment issues when retreading their quad bike tyres, which are impossible to fix if the retreading process isn’t done correctly.

Compared to a brand-new set of rolled out from the factory tyres, retreading cannot provide the same level of security. Newer is always better, right? There is simply no excuse, given that most tyre retailers carry very affordable new tyre brands at the lower end of their ranges, to put your safety at risk to save some money.

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