In Australia, it is common for vehicle owners to modify their vehicles, in order to enhance the look and the overall driving experience. Both aesthetic and performance, play a vital role in the decision to go ahead with vehicle modification.

However, not all modifications are legal – if the modification leads to an increased risk of accident, it is illegal, and illegal modification comes along with a pretty hefty fine for you to pay.

Several modifications can be done to a vehicle – most commonly, and the easiest modification is a change to the vehicle’s tyres. Upsizing your vehicle’s tyres has become a recent trend that comes with both pros and cons.

Some of the benefits of tyre modification is an enhanced appearance, better grip and possibly better handling if the modification is done correctly. On the other hand, the disadvantages are refusal of an insurance claim, rising costs, lower fuel efficiency and an increased chance of accidents.

There is no legal height and width of tyres as the tyre size completely depends on the vehicle. You can go 50mm in diameter up from your original tyre size, which is both legal and safe. However, if you want to increase the height to more than 50mm, you have to get permission, which the responsible authority will verify.

However, your tyres should never stick out further than the vehicle’s fenders; if this happens, your vehicle will be considered un-roadworthy.


In order to avoid accidents and fines you need to know all rules and regulations for your tyres before hitting the road. Credit: Unsplash


The tyre size also affects the bumper height, and trucks shouldn’t have bumpers that are so high they could hit a small vehicle’s window instead of the side panel, in case of accidents. To know more about the legalities of modifications in your area, you should contact your local road authorities, as every state has different laws regarding vehicle modification.

It is also key to know that upsizing your tyre size is legal, but downsizing is illegal; opting for smaller size tyres than required can be extremely dangerous. It impacts the handling and performance of the vehicle and could cause fatal crashes.

Tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle, as they are the only part that connects the road and the vehicle. When a manufacturer makes a vehicle, several tests are conducted to make sure each part is perfect, and when you are changing the built-in features, you should make sure it does not compromise safety.

Before modifying your tyre size, you need to find the balance between looks, driving experience and safety, while fulfilling all legal requirements. If you are still confused about what you can do with your tyres, asking for a professional’s help is the best thing you can do. Oceanic Direct is one of the leading tyres and wheel specialists in Australia, and they sell tyres from multiple leading brands like Michelin, Triangle, Wanda, Bridgestone, Kenda and more. If you want to modify your vehicle legally, it is a great idea to get in touch with Oceanic Direct, and they will suggest the best option.

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