Replacing tyres is one of the costliest expenses that you have to face as a vehicle owner if you wish to keep your vehicle in good condition.

However, no one wants to spend all their hard-earned money on replacing tyres every year. So, when it comes to maximising the life of your tyres, you have to be attentive. That does not mean you have to check and think about your tyres every minute; you just have to be “tyre aware”.

To get the maximum out of your tyres and improve your vehicle’s efficiency, here are some hacks:


Go Easy With Your Vehicle

One simple thing to note – if you love your vehicle, it will love you back. You cannot completely stop wearing out your tyres, and tyre wear is something that will eventually happen, but what is in our control is taking care of our tyres so that they don’t wear as quickly.

If you are an aggressive driver, then your tyres will wear real quickly. If you are careful about how you are treating your tyres, this will help them to last longer.


Taking care of your tyres properly is the easiest way to help them last longer. Credit: Unsplash


Maintain Correct Air Pressure

Another easy yet very effective hack to extend tyre life – maintain the correct tyre pressure. Make sure you check the tyre pressure monthly or every time the season changes because the tyre pressure can change when the weather changes.

When you drive your vehicle with incorrect air pressure, your handling can be sloppy, which will ultimately lead to increased wear and tyre blowout risk.

Use The Right Tyres For Your Driving Condition

Tyres come in many types – you cannot use the same tyres in every terrain unless it’s an all-terrain tyre. Think of it like glasses – fancy sunglasses cannot be worn when reading books indoors. If you are not using the right tyres on the right road, it doesn’t make sense.

There is a functional difference between the types of tyres, and you have to pay attention to this, as the life span of the tyres highly depends on it.


Tyre Rotation

As a vehicle owner, you might be aware that the front and rear tyres do not wear evenly if your vehicle is a two-wheel drive. The front tyres wear faster on front-wheel drives, and back tyres wear more quickly on rear-wheel drive.

Even four-wheel drives can see uneven wear in tyres, to avoid this you have to rotate the tyres every 5000 miles. This promotes even tyre wear and also extends the life of the tyre.

The above hacks will surely help you extend the life of your tyres, but at the end of the day, you have to invest in good quality tyres. Low-quality tyres will not take you

far, no matter how many hacks you follow. If your goal is to make the tyres last longer, you have to choose high-quality tyres.

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