Our Increasing Dependence On Logistics Via Trucks Instead Of Air Freight – How Is This Impacting Our Need For High-Quality Truck Tyres And Rims?

The transportation and logistics industries are some of our most vital services of the modern world. They are the backbone of our supply chain and many businesses and even the country’s economy, rely on its success. However, since the beginning of 2020, most of the country has limited transportation and logistics, especially via air, to help contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lots of things have changed in the last few months, with everyone around the world being impacted by COVID-19. This, however, is also threatening the entire industry of international transportation and logistics.

As the restrictions have started to ease, some industries like hospitality are rising back up, but industries such as transport and logistics have continued to nationally thrive during this pandemic. Due to air freight taking a step back, trucks have become our primary source of transporting goods around Australia. Our transport and logistics companies are committed to maintaining their services, particularly in for medical supplies and the food supply chain.

The Australian road transport industry is playing an integral part in supporting Australians during the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. To reduce the impact of a crisis it’s essential to maintain a fully functional supply chain.

The demand for goods is also increasing like never before due to panic buying. The fear of running out of goods is making people stock up essential good like toilet paper, pasta, rice, face masks, sanitizer and many others. Our supermarkets are quickly becoming empty; so, it’s challenging to maintain the stock levels.

All of these huge demands heavily rely on road transportation to deliver, so it has become a great challenge for the transport and logistics industry to keep up with the demand. With limited employees transporting goods, it is becoming harder to keep up.

Every vehicle that is currently operating to supply necessary goods around Australia are carrying a huge responsibility. Ensuring food, medical supplies, fuel and other essential materials get to where they need to be is one of the top priorities of the nation.

In this situation, taking care of the trucks that do these jobs, is very crucial. As the trucks are being continuously used with heavy loads, the pressure to tyres and rims is higher than ever. Also, the busy schedule of transporting goods will leave no time for regular servicing. At the moment, not all garage/service centres are operating as they did before so it’s harder to find an appropriate service centre location where you need.

This means that it is more essential than ever that our trucks have high-quality tyres and rims. If they have high-quality tyres, then durability won’t be any issue you they will be able to drive kms without having any issues. Tyres are the most crucial part of a truck and definitely wouldn’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to tyres; this could expose them to punctures, blowouts, and belt separation.

Selecting the correct tyres and rims makes a huge difference in your vehicle’s performance. To ensure you have the best tyres and rims for your vehicle, you need to consider a few things like load rating, speed rating, tyre size, and pattern.

If you are not sure about the appropriate tyre and rims for your vehicle, you can always rely on trusted tyre suppliers like Oceanic Direct. They have years of experience in this filed, which will be perfect for helping you to select the best tyre and rims for your vehicle. Then you can get back on the road faster and get the job done, for all the Australian who need it.

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