Tyres are an essential part of any vehicle and getting a high-quality tyre set is a great start to caring for your vehicle but isn’t enough long-term. You have to take proper care of your tyres; or else, you might end up with a flat tyre in the middle of your journey.

People often don’t consider tyres as a major part of their vehicle, so they are often overlooked.

Each day your truck tyres go through a lot of stress. As the truck moves, all of the braking power, the force of acceleration, and pressure from turning is transmitted through the tyres. After a few hundred miles, even the best tyres start to wear off gradually, which affects the truck’s performance and safety. So, to ensure the tyres are in good condition, it is essential to keep an eye on your truck tyres and get them serviced.

How do you know the right time for tyre servicing?

It’s challenging to identify the exact time to take the tyres for a service. We never know what’s happening inside the tyres. Sometimes the tyre may look and feel perfectly fine from the outside, but there might be some problems inside that aren’t visible.

Generally, a truck tyre can perform well for 70000 to 120000 KM and beyond, but it depends on the road conditions you are driving on, your driving style, truckload, and tyre quality. If you frequently use your truck for heavy loading and rough road conditions, it’s better to go for a service each month; however, in good road conditions, once every 3-6 months is enough.

You can also inspect the tyre’s sidewall and check if there are any marks, cuts or sharp objects stuck in the tyre. This is an indication that the tyre has suffered some damage and needs to be inspected by professionals to ensure the tyre is in good condition.

The conditions that your truck drive in will impact how often you need to get your truck serviced and tyres rotated. Credit: Unsplash

Essential Aspects To Consider During Tyre Servicing:

Tyres are a major part of determining how safe it is to drive, so a few things need to be considered during a tyre service for better safety.

Replacing Tyres

Sometimes, a tyres’ damage is not repairable, and it’s better to replace it rather than risking your life by fixing it. If the sidewalls of the tyre suffered a puncture or damage, it needs to be replaced.

You should also be mindful of the tyre’s depth; in Australia, the tyres tread depth must be at least 1.6mm to drive legally. If your tyre tread depth is below the legal requirement, change the tyre immediately.

Tyre Pressure

Always keep your tyres at the recommended tyre pressure. Both under and over-inflation can cause damage to a tyre. Underinflation increases fuel consumption and also increases the risk of the tyre being damaged. Similarly, over inflation can make the truck bumpy, which can lead to a tyre blowout.

Wheel Balancing

An imbalanced wheel can lead to uneven tyre wear, as they can’t rotate symmetrically and cause lots of vibration. So, when you take your tyre for servicing, don’t forget to check the wheel balance and get it fixed if necessary.

Reputed Repair Shop

This is an essential aspect of keeping yourself safe while driving, and one that you should never compromise on. Taking your tyres to a reputable repair shop might cost you a bit more, but your tyres will always be in safe hands. With proper tools and experienced staff, they will inspect every aspect of the tyre and make your tyre safe for the next ride.

When you need advice on tyres from the experts, you should get in contact with Oceanic Direct. Oceanic Direct is one of the leading Tyre and Wheel specialists that have been in the business for more than 30 years. They will be able to help you with all of your tyres needs and ensure you will be safe on the road.

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