The Australian summer is known to be very harsh, not just for us but for our vehicles too. Most vehicle owners keep their cooling systems in shape in preparation for the summer – the vehicle’s radiator, water pump and thermostat – but one thing they completely forget about is their tyres.

Heat is a serious factor in the wear and tear of truck tyres. The scorching sun will raise the temperature of the road, and it is almost like driving on top of an oven. The heated road will directly affect the tyres.

It is very crucial to pay attention to your tyres if you want your drives to be safe and easy. Here are a few tips to prepare your truck tyres for summer:

Tyre Rotation

Not all tyres react to stress the same way; depending on the tyre’s position, certain tyres may be affected more heavily than others. Tyre rotation is essential to ensure the tyres are wearing evenly.

If you are not doing this, you might have to replace the tyres more frequently. More importantly, the risk of tyres blowouts gets higher, especially in the summer.

Tyre Pressure

During winter the air in our tyres usually compresses, and drivers put more air in their tyres to balance the compression. As the temperature rises, the air decompresses, and the tyre pressure ends up being a lot higher than required.

To avoid this, you need to make sure you check and maintain your fleet’s tyre at the proper PSI as the temperature rises.


It is crucial to pay attention to your tyres if you want a safe and easy drive. Credit: Unsplash


Professional Help

Most drivers and fleet owners already know a lot about their vehicles and tyres, but if you are not sure about the condition of your tyres, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional. Tyres are not a subject where you can just wing it, as it involves the safety of everyone driving on the road, and your truck driver.

Replace Tyres If Required With High-Quality Tyres

Tyres are quite an investment; some fleet owners try to avoid a situation where they have to invest in high-quality tyres. They either buy re-treaded tyres or low-quality tyres to save money.

However, they might not understand the long-term benefits of buying high-quality tyres. By buying low-quality tyres, you will have to spend more money in the near future on maintenance or re-purchase more types frequently.

So, make sure you choose a good brand of tyres if you ever have to replace the tyres. With high-quality tyres, you get benefits like enhanced performance, fuel economy and safety.

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